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Hypnotist Bruce James Hypnotizing Coast to Coast with his fun filled comedy hypnosis show.
The Crowd is Naked!

"Great Idea"  I laughed, I cried, I fell out of my chair!"
"Awesome,  I laughed much it hurt!"
You were great, more than we expected!  Everyone had a great time. They are still talking about the hypnosis show.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
People told me they never laughed so hard. They roared.
I cant thank you enough as you really made this years event more than memorable.
-Dave Brundy
Event Planner AIC, Alburquerque, NM

A joy to be in the audience for a hilarious comedy show. Family frendly - great for people of all ages.  We also made our fundraising goal! Thank you.
Joanne Moore
Niantic, CT

Hilarious, entertaining, it was a pleasure working with you.
Alpha-1 convention at the Hilton in Alexandria, Virginia

Fantastic!  Superb!
Truly Enjoyable Experience.
- Aquarion Water Co.
Bridgeport, CT

You and your lovely assistant were a tremendous hit !  Hope to book you again.
 - Gigi
Aquarian Water Co.

- Torrington Elks, CT

"Our members are going to be talking about this a long time. Next year we expect twice the number of people"

"You made me into a believer.  I had no idea what to expect.  Next time, I'm going to be up there on stage"

Bulduc Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial for June 26, 2010 show.)
Amazing. Unbelievable.  Funny. Best show they have ever seen. Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!

"Our guests expressed their enjoyment and amazement at your talent and I never had such great feedback from one of our parties. Everyone had a great time,including the president of the company!"

Ball Metal Container Corporation
 (Mailed in Testimonial For December 23, 2010 show.)
Hall of Springs, placeCitySaratoga Springs, StateNY
They said it was the best party we had in years and were surprised at how affected people were by hypnosis.

XL Insurance Company
Christmas Party 09 - the Hartford Club - Hartford CT

Thank you.  It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to work with you.  
Everyone enjoyed the party this year primarily because of your show.  
Your ears must have been ringing all day
From people talking about the show and how great it was.  

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the show tremendously!  
Many said it was our best party to date
and I'm sure we will get increased attendance next year because of it.

Deborah Herman - Event Planner

Hypnotist Bio Bruce James Hypnotist Entertainer
As a child, Bruce James remembers hearing the statement, " man only uses 5% of his brain potential."   His comment was, "why don't we use it all." This perhaps was the beginning of his life study of the mind.
Bruce's  interest in hypnosis began while living in AZ when he was handed a book on hypnosis from a master hypnotist friend .   From that day on he has been constantly studying hypnosis, the mind and attending stage hypnosis shows.
He began to use self-hypnosis twenty seven years ago to increase his concentration and retain a relaxed and calm attitude.  In the early nineties he made his first meditation tape. This tape essentially used hypnosis to help thousands of people cut through the confusions of their minds; to ultimately control their thoughts, rather than their thoughts controlling them. He believes that the one thing we humans have control of is the thoughts that travel through our minds.  Master your thoughts and one masters life.  
Focus, relax and let the power of the mind create anything that can be envisioned.
Bruce has authored two books.
He currently is working on his third book.
He has appeared on over
100 national radio shows and television shows
including Maurey Pouvich and Jenny Jones
and well as several others.

He was a custom home builder who developed land from Arizona,
Connecticut and Upstate NY.  Some of his building accomplishments
were featured on HGTV and the cover of the NY Times Real Estate Section.
Some of his projects can be viewed on the website,

James has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years as an MC
for various events throughout the country.

Often he is found with a group
surrounding him explaining how they could improve
their business and personal relationships by
instantly building rapport with every person that they meet.

Bruce's interest in hypnosis surpassed his love of building and he
decided to change careers and become a full time
stage hypnotist. He has been performing hilarious,
laugh filled shows across the country.
He is also an  Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP.
His busy schedule makes private sessions not possible.
However he has developed a series of self help CD's
available in at the  FREE MIND CENTER.

He is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Honolulu, Hawaii  

Bruce's sincere way instantly becomes
apparrent establishing a trusting rapport with the audience.
James possesses that rare talent
seldom found in today’s hypnotic performers,
he keeps the audience laughing non-stop
while making sure that his volunteers
are not being embarrassed.
The volunteers at his show don't regret a single thing
that they have done during the performance.
In fact many volunteers are proud yet amazed
when their friends tell them how funny and entertaining they were.  
The volunteers always feel better than the did before the came up to the stage.  The experience is positive and exciting.

James says,
 “When everybody is having fun and laughing and inspired
- this is my reward!!”

We look forward to working with you!
Contact us via email at

Please put "HYPNOTIST" in the subject.

or CAll anytime for more information
1-800-715-1333 x 3292

 Bruce James
Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347

Performing Coast to Coast  

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