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Hypnotist Bruce James Hypnotizing Coast to Coast with his fun filled comedy hypnosis show.
The Crowd is Naked!

"Great Idea"  I laughed, I cried, I fell out of my chair!"
"Awesome,  I laughed much it hurt!"
You were great, more than we expected!  Everyone had a great time. They are still talking about the hypnosis show.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
People told me they never laughed so hard. They roared.
I cant thank you enough as you really made this years event more than memorable.
-Dave Brundy
Event Planner AIC, Alburquerque, NM

A joy to be in the audience for a hilarious comedy show. Family frendly - great for people of all ages.  We also made our fundraising goal! Thank you.
Joanne Moore
Niantic, CT

Hilarious, entertaining, it was a pleasure working with you.
Alpha-1 convention at the Hilton in Alexandria, Virginia

Fantastic!  Superb!
Truly Enjoyable Experience.
- Aquarion Water Co.
Bridgeport, CT

You and your lovely assistant were a tremendous hit !  Hope to book you again.
 - Gigi
Aquarian Water Co.

- Torrington Elks, CT

"Our members are going to be talking about this a long time. Next year we expect twice the number of people"

"You made me into a believer.  I had no idea what to expect.  Next time, I'm going to be up there on stage"

Bulduc Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial for June 26, 2010 show.)
Amazing. Unbelievable.  Funny. Best show they have ever seen. Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!

"Our guests expressed their enjoyment and amazement at your talent and I never had such great feedback from one of our parties. Everyone had a great time,including the president of the company!"

Ball Metal Container Corporation
 (Mailed in Testimonial For December 23, 2010 show.)
Hall of Springs, placeCitySaratoga Springs, StateNY
They said it was the best party we had in years and were surprised at how affected people were by hypnosis.

XL Insurance Company
Christmas Party 09 - the Hartford Club - Hartford CT

Thank you.  It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to work with you.  
Everyone enjoyed the party this year primarily because of your show.  
Your ears must have been ringing all day
From people talking about the show and how great it was.  

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the show tremendously!  
Many said it was our best party to date
and I'm sure we will get increased attendance next year because of it.

Deborah Herman - Event Planner

"Amazing. Unbelievable. Funny. Best show they have ever seen.
Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!"

Event Planners Comments
Health Conference - Albany NY Oct 6 2022

Katie Palmer C.D.N
Whitney Young Health
WIC Program Director

Again, the response to the shoe was overwhelmingly  fantastic.  
Even the nay-sayers enjoyed the shoe and had nothing but great stuff to say.  
You never disappoint!!!  

I can’t thank you enough for making me look good, once again!  

It was great see you and Kelly again
and hopefully we will get to work together again in the future.

Best - Katie

Review received on 12/22/2021

"Very entertaining"

We hired Bruce for our company Christmas party.
We had only about 50 people so we were
a little worried that we might not have enough volunteers
for the hypnotist show, but it worked.

He doesn't make a fool of anyone,
but makes it very entertaining
and informative as well.

Northern Design Architectural Precast    
Reviewer: Patti Harding
    Event Date: December 17th, 2021
    Services Provided: Hypnotist

    Rating: 5 out of 5


Reviewer: Seana Nygard
Event Date: June 2021
Services Provided: Hypnotist, Project Graduation Fitch HS Groton
Rating: 5 out of 5

Fantastic night was had by all! Your show was a highlight for all the kids! They had a blast!  
Thank you so much for your time, energy and efforts! I hope to work with you again in the future!
Thank you, Seana Nygard


Reviewer: Josephine Riche
Event Date: March 2021
Services Provided: Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker
Rating: 5 out of 5

No thank you! You not only made my Tuddlebug feel special you really reached out
to so many others with your inspirational words.
I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

There were a few people in the crowd starting the process or are in the process of
Awakening and you hit the nail on the head with your energy and words.  

Also please thank your beautiful wife for participating in Tulys special day.
We really appreciate the both of you and are excited to possibly cross paths in the future.



Review received on 2/25/2020


Bruce took the time to understand the dynamics of our team
and tailored the presentation to identify with each of them.
He was a hit!

     Reviewer: Rich Vito - Suburban HVAC - Boston MA
 Event Date: February 21st, 2020
  Services Provided: Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker
    Rating: 5 out of 5


Review received on 10/3/2019
Uplifting and fun show and keynote!

Bruce entertained and motivated our professional group with his
thought-provoking information and important messaging,
while presenting unique entertainment to provide an unforgettable show.

Bruce took the time to understand the issues and interests of our group
before the date of the show to present a program that was relevant and worthwhile.
The hypnotism demonstration was tremendous fun,
but not uncomfortable or inappropriate for our group.

A good time was had by all - not your typical boring "keynote speech"
at a professional luncheon!

Many thanks to Bruce and Kelly!

Reviewer: Janice Deshais, State of CT MAC
Event Date: September 27th, 2019
Services Provided: Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker
Rating: 5 out of 5


Braintree HS project graduation 2019
Braintree MA
June 2 2019

Hi Bruce

The committee met last night to recap the All Night Grad party
and everyone was singing your praises.

They thought you were just great, loved the show and
loved your positive message.

We would love to have you back next year if your schedule allows.

Of course none of us know what the future brings,
but if you are available please consider returning.

It was great working with you,
I hope you have a great summer.

Thank you,
Ann Marie McGuire
Project Graduation Committee


Surprise 50th Birthday Party
Chelmsford Country Club
Chelmsford MA
April 27 2019

Hello Bruce ,
I want to say a heartfelt thank you for attending and entertaining/enlightening
at my party on Saturday. I enjoyed the two of you so much.

I was also quite proud of my daughter Olivia for seeking you out
and finding such a superlative fit for me and my family and friends.

I have heard so many positive comments about having you there,
and most importantly that people had a fabulous time!

I also feel that some of the connections made by those
who got your book and cd are indeed giving them something
that they either need or are seeking.
I wish you all the best and I hope our paths cross again,
Christy Wood


Private Event 60th Birthday Party!

I wish I knew where to start first. I had just over 70 people for my husband's 60th birthday.
I wanted something different for entertainment.

 Thought a comedian would be good but then saw a hypnotist/comedian.
 Looked at the reviews and thought it was to good to be true.

Bruce was inspirational, funny, and most of all
one of the most passionate people I have met as an entertainer!

He truly made our party a SUCCESS along with his assistant Kelly.
Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had.

The laughter he provided and the confidence he instilled in our guests was absolutely AMAZING.

He got everyone up dancing, mingling and the jokes was fantastic.

But then, the hypnosis! Now that was a talent!

Our guests were in AWE.

I am thankful our paths have crossed
and I look forward to seeing him again in the future at other events.

Thank you Bruce and Kelly for being awesome entertainers
and most of all for being the people you are REAL nice people.

Reviewer: Lisa Phillips
Event Date: January 26th, 2019
Services Provided: Arts/Entertainment Speaker, Comedian, Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your follow up email and thank you again
for your wonderful presentation that was enjoyed by all.

The show was the hot topic of discussion on Monday in the office!

Thank you also for your book, which I am excited to start reading and will
pass along to other staff members.

May you inspire many more people in your future.
Much happiness to you,

Thank you again,

Pediatric Associates of Hampden County
Feb 23 2019

Holiday Party and Motivational Event
Solidification Products International, Inc.
North Haven CT Dec 7 2018

Hi Bruce,

I wanted to let you know that everyone really enjoyed your show last Friday,
in fact everyone is still talking about it.

Confirmation that they all liked it far more than the entertainment in prior years.

 I am also enjoying your book and plan to listen to the CD later today
Thank you again for a great night and good luck with your book release.

Donna Gannon

Holiday Party and team building event
Tarrytown, NY 10591
December 13 2018

Everyone enjoyed the show and were amazed.

As a participant it was a unique experience….. I could hear you and hear the people laughing and clapping
yet it felt like I was in another realm. I guess I felt free and I guess uninhibited according to the videos LOL.

I don’t think I would’ve danced or “sing” for my co-workers in the natural.
I felt relaxed afterwards but did have a bit of a headache but I was fine.

 I got on a flight that night and went to sunny Florida so I relaxed even more (just got back).

Thank you again for being part of our holiday event
and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Gisela Marin | Administrative Coordinator II

Thank you SO much for coming!

Fordham University NY NY
Sat Sept 9 2018
Student Residents
by Lydia Culp RA

All I've heard heard has been people raving about you and your lovely assistant!
That was such a treat, and the whole audience, as far as I have heard, agrees!

Thank you again for being so kind to work with us and for putting on an incredible show.

I can wait to read your book!


 Cristine Q. • February 3, 2018

We had Bruce for our 100th event and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome.
Many of our attendees had never seen a hypnotist in action and they all thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Everyone - whether they were on stage or in the audience watching - loved every minute of the show. They felt fantastic and haven't stopped talking about what a wonderful show it was.

The comment I heard the most was that we "hit it out of the park" with such an amazing show!
I would recommend Bruce to anyone looking to have treat
their guests to a fun, inspirational and completely entertaining evening!

Hired as:
Business Motivational Speaker, Hypnotist


Dudley HS Music Department Fundraiser
Nov 17  2017
Michelle - Event Coordinator

Hello Bruce.

Thank you for putting on such a good show last night.
Everyone has been talking about it all day!
Some people, who didn’t go are now regretting it
and asking for us to do it again next year.

Thanks again.

West Milford HS Grad Party
June 2017
Melissa - Event Coordinator

Thank YOU for another fantastic show! Students loved it (yet again).
I went to a grad party on Sat with several graduating seniors there
and although they loved the whole night, YOUR event they said was the highlight!!

If you noticed, they started taking their seats before 2:30 with anticipation!
You never seem to disappoint! They were amazed. Thank you again!

 We look forward to seeing YOU again next year and we'll be in touch!! :)

Great to work with, fantastic show

Reviewer: Steven Bagley
Event Date: March 24th, 2017
Services Provided: Hypnotist
Rating: 5 out of 5

I work as a social event coordinator for a small, rural school district out of CT, about 600 students in the high school.
We have never hosted a hypnotist show before but had heard great things from another school nearby.

From start to finish, Bruce was professional, kind, and willing to shape his show around our needs.
Part of the funding that helped pay for this show came from a prevention council

Bruce took this information and injected into his show a segment about bullying,
substance abuse, and drunk driving, which was really great to see and didn't seem forced.

 Every student on stage was seen as a star, nobody was made to do anything that was
inappropriate or questionable - this really was a family friendly show and still captivated our audience
who couldn't take enough photo's and video's of their friends on stage.

The audience was very diverse in age yet everybody was laughing the whole time.
I also enjoyed the diversity of people that he brought up on stage,
 it wasn't just students, but parents too, which was a nice addition.

The whole team made things very easy for us, they set up and broke down all of their equipment,
we just needed to provide the stage and lights for the auditorium.
You know its a good event when you can't get people to leave the auditorium after the show is over - everybody stayed behind
to congratulate the participants and talk to the hypnotist.

 I had many students approach me to ask if we were going to have him again
or if we could get him for project graduation.

I anticipate we will be using him again soon - the students
who didn't go definitely missed out.


Best Show Ever!
By Christine B. on March 12, 2017

What a great couple! Bruce has an endless supply of energy and talent!
 His wife Kelly is as sweet as she is Pretty.
 I hired them for my son's rehearsal dinner party. I wanted to do something different, fun and memorable.
 As soon as I met Bruce and Kelly I knew the night was going to be great.

A funny thing happened though. I was one of the people who got hypnotized and
I don't remember anything except I felt really good.
There were 56 guests there and I had so many people say things like
"you know if this wasn't for the wedding party we probably would never have gone to see a hypnotist,
but this guy is unbelievable! He's the real deal!

 How did you find him? Where Is he performing next? The whole crowd was amazed and in awe.
My son's future in laws were a little skeptical about the show,
but when it was over they all but attacked Poor Bruce for autographs and pictures with him.

If you're looking for a show to impress, a show that will give everyone belly laughs,
 a show that leaves you feeling better than you did when you came in, you've got to get Bruce and Kelly!

It was so much fun that the people at the wedding were disappointed they didn't get to go. SOOO

I hired them again 2 months later for my 60th birthday party!
 And once again they nailed it!
We can't thank you enough for the best time EVER but I can promise you this,
we will be seeing you again very soon!

My son's friends are already planning to have you at their rehearsal dinner!
Someone at the wedding called for your information, they want you for their 50th wedding anniversary.
Everybody Loved You!
Hired as:
Comedy Show, Hypnotist

Bourne HS After Prom Party
June 12-13 2017

Bruce you did a awesome show at Bourne high school.

I never saw a show like yours before in all of my life of 40 years
you did an awesome job it was very entertaining and energetic
 plus a positive Personna you gave was awesome good job
just wanted to leave somewhat of a review!

Thank you Kendall

Fundraising Event for Cancer Patient
Martha's Vineyard, MA
Sat March 25 2017

Thanks again for a very memorable night!

Hi Bruce and Kelly,
I can't thank you enough for putting on the best show the PA has ever seen.
 You did an amazing job helping us raise money for a very special lady.

I wanted to let you know that we raised almost $7,000 for Brenda last night.
 I went over her house tonight and she was just overwhelmed.

On the way home I stopped to get pizza and 2 people in the place asked me when you were going to come back?

They heard about the show and were all upset that they had to work.

 I will continue to give out your information and see if we can plan another event!

~ Christine

Bruce James is HYPNOTIZING!!

Bruce James was the comedian hypnotist that my daughter wanted for her sweet 16 birthday party.
He was really great!! Great interaction and just absolutely amazing!!

His show was hysterical and all the kids and adults had a great time!
You know when teens immediately start tweeting about how awesome the party was,
that the entertainment had certainly done their job!!

Thank you so so so much for making my daughters birthday party one to remember!!
 I'm sure her friends will be talking about it for some time!! Bruce James you rock!!!

    Reviewer: Coleen Murphy
    Event Date: March 18th, 2016
    Event Type: Birthday (Teen)
    Event City: Meriden, CT
    Serviced Provided: Hypnotist

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Review March 8 2015
Best night EVER!!

We hired Bruce James for a show in our community.
He blew us out of the water! We expected it to be funny and entertaining but
Oh my, it was way better than we expected!!!

I'm still cracking up watching the videos!!! I can not even begin to count the number of phone calls
thanking us and telling us what a fun time everyone had. Highly recommend hiring Bruce for your next event.

Stacey Silber
   March 8th, 2015
Holiday Party
Staten Island, NY


Pilots 180/185 club national meeting
July 14 2015
Simsbury CT

Really exceeded our expectations!

Our group truly enjoyed both you and Kelly - they were still raving about the show
when they left New England on Friday.  The people who got hypnotized were so happy they did
- they felt great and had some new concepts to incorporate into their lives.

You really know how to get the audience involved...  
I didn't know if people would volunteer to participate -
but you put it in such a way that they were eager to try it.
Thank you for a wonderful show!

I look forward to using the Meditation CD I purchased -
I plan to incorporate that into my daily routine (once I return to a routine!).

Thanks again - you put on an excellent show!
~ Jean Congola

Welcome Summer Party
Jun 13, 2015
Middletown CT

Satisfied Customer
We are new booking a hypnotist and were referred to a directory site GigSalad
by a friend when we mentioned that were looking for entertainment for our annual summer kick off picnic.

We had some good and bad experiences with sourcing our entertainment in the past
so we didn't know what to expect.

Bruce really stood out by taking the time to answer all of our questions
and then by following through with great communications
to make us feel very comfortable leading up to his appearance.

Once Bruce and his lovely assistant Kelly
arrived things continued to run smoothly.
They even helped us move some tables while they busy setting up their own equipment.

The show itself was fantastic. Everyone had a great time
and it felt like we had booked superstar acts for our show.
The best part was that it was our guests who not only blew us all away
with the entertainment but that they got to feel like superstars too!!

We had a great experience. Bruce is top notch!!
Kevin P.

High School Project Grad 2015

Sunday River Resort
Sunday June 15 2015


I am glad that I had the chance to meet you.
Thank you for performing at our project graduation
at placePlaceNameSunday PlaceTypeRiver.

I was not able to see most of your performance,
as I was outside with a student with some anxiety issues shooting.

Even from out there up the hill I could hear
that the kids and chaperones were enjoying your show.  
I will recommend you for any event anytime.

Thank you!


Honor Student Assembly
East Haven High School
May 29, 2015

"Bruce did an amazing job with a large group of high school students.

Their attention was captivated from the opening seconds until the end.
It was fast-paced, lively, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable.
Both the adults and students loved every minute of it.

Our only regret was that the show couldn't last longer!"

Elizabeth Stagis
Team 10/11T English
Activities Coordinator
placePlaceNameEast Hartford PlaceTypeHigh School

 Dec 5 2014
Holiday Party
Door Systems, Inc.

"I have to be honest..... THE SHOW WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have heard nothing but good things from all of my co-workers. I laughed so much! It was really good.
You and Kelly both have a way of captivating the audience. I didn’t want the show to end!

Thank you very much for making this one of the best holiday parties I have planned.
I hope you guys both have a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you again, and have a nice day.  Jessica  event planner

January 6 - 8 2015 (four shows)
Intel Corporation
Hudson, MA

It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you.
You are a talented motivator and skilled professional.

It's unanimous!...... all of my team members have enjoyed the experience.
It has generated quite a "positive" buzz that has extended to others who were not in attendance.

It's obvious that you really love helping others.
I look forward to learning more about your perspectives on life and the workings of the mind.
Thank you for offering this opportunity to me.

Once again, thank you for helping to create a fun,
positive experience for my "guys"!
Best of luck in your travels.

Don - Event Planner Intel


November 15 2014
Masons Holiday Party
Philadelphia PA

Bruce James is a big hit at our Holiday Party.

 Bruce James and his lovely wife, Kelly, gave our Masonic lodge, St. Alban No. 529,
an outstanding show. We were in stitches the whole time.

He hypnotized several members, who volunteered,
and had them portraying singers, responding to funny situations,
and just having a hoot of a time.

His show is very professional, classy, with no over the top raunchy stuff.
He also provided positive words of encouragement
and gave us some thoughts worth pondering.

I would highly recommend Bruce
for one of your functions, be it company or social.

You will not be disappointed.

~ Greg Klauder - Senior Warden

Monday November 3, 2014
Pro-Access Teen Center
Bethel, CT

I saw your show at the Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival.
 I immediately knew I wanted to bring this show to Bethel, CT.

As the Director of their teen center I was looking for a signature event
in the fall that would help us attract more students to our center. Your program was perfect!
We decided to open it to the entire community (just not teens) and adults,
teens and parents all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This morning I got a FB post from a parent thanking me for introducing
her family to this type of entertainment and appreciated the wholesome,
hysterical fun it provided.
I look forward to having you in Bethel in the future.

Bruce was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Hilda Valdespino, Director, Pro Access, Bethel's Teen Center

Tuesday October 21, 2014
Corporate meeting 400 attending
UFCW Local 464A
Little Falls, NJ

Hi Bruce,
It was a pleasure to have you and Kelly with us.
The performance was amazing and the feedback
from our Stewards was so positive.
They loved every minute.

Thank you both for being the highlight of our day.
It was fantastic!

Hope to see you both again very soon!!
JoAnn Piscitelli
Director Of Administration

Sunday August 3, 2014
Family reunion
Chez Joseph Catering Hall
Agawam MA

You and your wife were AMAZING!!!
I've heard nothing but great compliments about that night!!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
Another absolutely amazing performance!!
I can't wait until the next one :)

July 12, 2014
Pilots Point Marina Comedy Night
Westbrook CT


Thanks for coming!

The show was a huge success and absolutely hilarious.  
Everyone is still talking about it days later.

If anyone didn't believe in hypnotism before the show,
they sure do now!

I look forward to having you back next year.


Josh Bagnati
Dockmaster/Event Coordinator
Pilots Point Marina


June 25 2014
Project Graduation
Late night show
West Milford High School

GREAT night!!!
I have watched the video's I took about 10 times showing family and friends.
I am going to post it on my FB so our HS parents can see.

You have a great talent and you are the hit of the night.
Hope you got some rest.
I went to work was there at 5 worked till 10
 came up and stayed wake until noon...then I crashed!

Well worth it...and thank you for helping make it such an eventful night.
Remember June 25, 2015!

thanks and enjoy your summer as well...good luck with all you do :)


June 21 2014
Sweet 16 Party
Sloatsburg, NY

Thank, thank you, thank you!

You were amazing and made the party an event to
remember. Alyssa had the time of her life, as did all the guests from the
youngest to the oldest.

Can't thank you enough. You were the best.

~ Emily

June 8 2014
Private Family Grad Party
Pepperell, MA

Hi Bruce,  
I cannot thank you and your wife enough for an outstanding show!
The energy during the show was amazing with all the laughter
and so many smiling faces.

Everyone enjoyed the evening.
Wendy Moores on behalf of the entire family

May 22 2014
Terryville High School
Cheerleader Fundraising Event

Hi Bruce and Kelly, Thank you both so much for working with us!

The show was the talk of the school on Friday morning...
even among students who did not attend.

Even with the small turnout, students who did not attend
asked if we would be having the show again next year.

Even all the cheer girls were talking about next year. LOL!
Our school principal was also in the audience and loved it!
Erica (my co-coach) and I definitely want to make this a cheer fundraiser tradition.

I will definitely post a fantastic review and look forward
to booking another show with you two next year.

I will definitely share this email with the girls as well.
Have a great summer! Looking forward to next year!

Stephanie and Erica

March 16 2014
Family Event Brooklyn NY

Response was awesome!
Still getting phone calls from my family saying it was their best day!

Thank you so much for such a fun time.
Definitely will be calling you in the future.
~ Lillian

February 6, 2014
North Kingstown High School Fundraiser
Bi-yearly Event

Thank you again!
We did get good feedback and we've doubled the audience since our first event.
We hope it keeps growing!
We'll talk with you next year!

November 15th, 2013
Public Event -  Lowell, MA

Made me a beleiver!!! Mindblowing
The show was ABSOLUTELY amazing!!

The crowd was so engaged in the performance and
completely absorbed in the show.
I've never been to a hypnotist show before
so I didn't think it was actually possible to be hypnotized.
Bruce and Kelly did a great job of engaging with he audience
and getting them to participate.

This was an event that my school was having for college students
so you can imagine everyone was skeptical
but by the end of the night everyone was mind blown and excited.

 I have not laughed so hard in so long but i couldn't help it.
The students who had volunteered to be hypnotized were too funny.
They really made the crowd enjoy the show, it was like watching a comedy act .

 I recommend Bruce and Kelly to everyone,
they do adult and g-rated so its perfect for school, corporate events and businesses.

~  Gladys Kibunyi

Private Birthday Event,
Saturday Oct 26 2013

You and Kelly were awesome. Every one had a wonderful time.
I will certainly recommend your service.

Southern CT State University
Freshmen Class Orientation approx 700 students
Monday Aug 26, 2013

Thanks so much for everything!
The students loved the show and were still laughing
about it when they got to the next event last night.

I can serve as the referral for Harvard if you'd like.

Eric LaCharity
Assistant Director of Student Life
Southern Connecticut State University

The Woodstock Fruit Festival
Lake George, NY
Thursday Aug 22 2013

Thank you very much for your message.
We really appreciate your contribution
to this year's Woodstock Fruit Festival.

We received lots of positive feedback
about your performance, and our Attendees
really had a great time at your show.

I hope you can join us for next year's event.
~ Anne


Pilots Point Marina
Saturday July 27, 2013

Hi Bruce & Kelly,

We all had such a fun time at your event.
I’ve never seen my customers dance,
jump up and down and laugh like they did Saturday night.

We hope to see you again soon.
Maybe even do an event over the winter to liven up our employee party!

Amy Schmid
Events Coordinator
Pilots Point Marina
Westbrook CT

Camp Timanous
June 28, 2013
Raymond Maine

The show was great!

The kids really enjoyed it and it was certainly the topic of conversation the next day.

Thanks so much for making the trip!

~ Linda Suitor

Sarah Grace Sweet 16 Private Party
June 29, 2013 - Clinton CT

Thank you and Kelly for helping us make it a wonderful day for her!
It went well beyond our expectations and you have a tremendous skill and are well received by all!

I am grateful for your sharing your talents and being a great friend as well.

Newport Grand Slot Casino Bruce James Comedy Hypnotist performing at casino events worldwide, 860-625-5347
Event -  Newport Grand Slots - Casino, Newport RI - Feb 11, 2012

I believe next to our most recent New Year’s Eve event with Eight to the Bar,
your show was the most popular event held in our Event Center since its inception.
Our CEO, Diane Hurley and GM, Joe Moore were very pleased to hear how well
your performance was received.

Our staff found you and Kelly Jean to be gracious and a pleasure to work with.

~ Kim Baron
Executive Director of Marketing

Marlboro Moose FamilyCenter 1129
January 28th, 2012
Fund Raiser
Marlborough, MA

Client Comments

Bruce James and his staff performed at our club on January 28, 2012, this was the second year in a row that they have put on a show for us. Members had so much fun the first year - they requested another show!! Bruce James, Kelly, Mike & were great to deal with, very professional, reasonable and very accomidating. This event was held as a fun raiser and was a great sucess. Everyone who attended had an excellent time. Each year was different as there were different participants!! we really had an awesome time - I would highly recommend this show!! Words can not even describe how much fun was had by all. Well worth it!!
November 12th, 2011
Birthday Party Sweet 16
Jewett City,CT

Absolutely and Completely satisfied

We recently had Bruce for our daughters Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party and it was more than I expected. When we booked Bruce we were looking for something that would be a little different and entertaining for both our family and friends. We had no idea how entertaining and worth the cost this decision would be. The party was a huge success and will be talked about for years to come. Bruce was a gentlemen and very entertaining for both the younger crowd and the older crowd. We have not laughed that hard in a very long time. Our sixteen year old was one of the lucky ones to be hypnotized and she was hilarious, along with all the others. Bruce puts on a well organized and entertaining show and we will definatley recommend him to others and use his services in the future as well. Thank you Bruce for helping to make Kelseys Sweet Sixteen the party to remember!!!

December 12th, 2011
College Show
New York City, NY

Client Comments

Great Entertainer!

Bruce came to perform at a university and he did a tremendous job!
He started out by doing some activities that everyone could participate in
and then he hypnotized some people.

Everyone in the room was laughing and having a blast!!
People came up to me after the show and said things like:
"I have not laughed so hard in a long time." and "I was in this school for three years and never have I had as much fun at an event as I had tonight."

There was such great feedback and it was a fun night for all. Bruce is very professional and can cater the show to whatever crowd he is working with. There is nothing bad to say, we had a very positive experience!

Private Grad Party, July 10, 2011 - Watertown, CT
Thank YOU for such a great performance yet AGAIN!!!!! You were a total success. It was my pleasure to right a review for you and I can't WAIT to get the dvd!!!! I already had one of my guests ask for your phone number!!!! You will absolutely be hearing from me again....every year I have a holiday party at my studio and I think it would be awesome to have you there this year to entertain my students.
Once again, it was great to see you again. Your assistant is absolutely a sweetheart and it was a pleasure meeting her also. Talk to you in the near future.

Mara Mindell
Conference Coordinator
Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP
750 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Hi, Bruce! The show was absolutely fantastic.
Soooo many people have come up to me to tell me this was the best holiday party
we've had in years (and to call me by a certain pop star's name =)
Again, I truly appreciate your willingness to work with us on a budget,
and to make sure everyone was comfortable with the show.
You are great to work with and you and Kelly are fantastic with a crowd.
So thank you, thank you, thank you!
And feel free to share my information with anyone looking for a more detailed recommendation.
I always promote the things I believe in, and I'm now a big fan of your show. Thanks again!

Ball Metal Container Corporation
(Mailed in Testimonial For December 23, 2010 show.)
Hall of Springs, Saratoga Springs,NY
They said it was the best party we had in years
and were surprised at how affected people were by hypnosis.

Desai Holiday Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For Nov 20, 2010 show.)
They never laughed so hard!
Excellent had a great time.
Will never forget the experience.

Granby Jr/Sr High School - MA
(Mailed in testimonial for Fundraiser Dec 3, 2010
Everyone I spoke with had a terrific time!
The intro was informative and something that people hadn't seen
from other hypnotist performances. It made everything more believable and real.
I know that you will be back to Granby HS again
and I look forward to seeing your show again!
~ Deb Pratt - Event Coordinator

Bulduc Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June 26, 2010 show.)
Amazing. Unbelievable. Funny. Best show they have ever seen.
Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!
Bruce and Kelly.. you both are not only a beautiful couple
but a very attentive and nurturing couple with the audience.
Keep up the great work. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts . . .
You gave us wonderful memories.

American Cancer Society Fundraising Event
(Mailed in Testimonial for Saturday Sept 17, 2010 show.)
Very entertaining. Puts on a wonderful show. Crowd Pleasing - Audience Oriented - A wonderful Show.

Corporate Motivational Hypnosis Seminar
Litchfield County Women's Network (LCWN)
(Mailed in Testimonial For Sept 15, 2010 show.)
He connected well with the audience, people were comfortable relaxed and engaged.
Found him to be sincere and very funny.

West Milford High School Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June22, 2010 show.)
The students enjoyed the show, didn't expect it to be so funny.
Teachers also enjoyed the show. We will want to re-book for next year.

Private Sweet 16 Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For May 30, 2010 date.)
Our guest loved you guys! People stated “It was the best party ever!”

Adler 50th Birthday Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June 12, 2010 date.)
Our guest loved you guys! People stated “ It was the best party ever!”
Rick Trudell - West Springfield Elks, Lodge 2174
(Mailed in Testimonial For February 26, 2010 date.)
Wouldn't believe it unless I seen it. Never Laughed so hard.
A good night out. A good time for the price. Everything was great.

Charlton Public Library - March 25 2010 - Theme - Confidence
I thought the show was absolutely amazing!! You are great with the kids.
– and I am trying to get my director to have you come back for an adult show.
Thank you again!!
If you need any letters of recommendation,
just ask (not that your resume doesn’t speak for itself!)
Molly Johnson

VFW - Post 1265 - Pawcatuck CT Fundraiser , March 20 2010
All feedback we heard was great. People had fun and were quite amazed.
Said they would attend another show with you.
Your and your staff were very easy to work with and freindly to our guests.
We were more than pleased and expect to have a bigger crowd at our next event
(with you, it is possible because of great word of mouth).

XL Insurance Company
Christmas Party 09 - he Hartford Club - Hartford CT
Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to work with you.
Everyone enjoyed the party this year primarily because of your show.
Your ears ust have been ringing all day
from people talking about the show and how great it was.
Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the show tremendously!
Many said it was our best party to date
and I'm sure we will get increased attendance next year because of it.
Deborah Herman - Event Planner

Danity Rubish
Christmas Party 09 - Middletown CT
Best party they ever attended. It was a great experience for them.
Bruce was very professional and put on a great show. Feel fee to use me as a reference.
Phil Armetta - Owner

Wood Group Gas Turbine Services
Christmas Party Dec 09 - Sheridan - Springfield MA
I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how pleased I was with your show.
Our employees loved it and you gave us a night to remember. Thanks so much.
Human Resources Leader - Laura Pozzuto-Hunt

Geoffrey Roning Group - Entertainment Agents Summer 09
Dear Bruce,
I wanted to thak you once again for participationg in our gradualtion season.
The client feedback on you and your show was very positive.
Both the clients and I appreciate your professionalism, your flexibility,
and how easy it is to work with you.
It isn't easy to find a hypnotist that understands the needs of the
graduates and their parents,
and I am very happy that we have found one who does.
thanks you again!
Wendy Ronning

Key Stone Apt - Assisted living facility - Boston - April 09
They raved about the show. They said they were thoroughly entertained! Bruce, you were a pleasure to work with. Will recommend you to everyone I know.
Administrator - Barbara

Private Party - Corporate Event - Fourth of July, 09
The consensus was overwhelming!. Most of my guests have never experienced a show like yours!
They all told me it was the best party they have ever attended.
Thanks for making me look good.
Phil Armetta

Employee Appreciation Day - Kletter& Levine, P.C.
Albany, NY area
Just a quick note to thank you and Kelly again for a great job! Everyone had a wonderful time (two of the girls said they couldn't figure out why they were sore the next day!), and I'm sure we will be talking about this staff outing for years to come! Many people told me they hadn't laughed so hard in years!
Stop by to see us next time you're in the Adirondacks again!
~ Ingrid Boyko

Mountain One Financial Partners - North Adams, MA
Wonderful, amazing, professional. Staff that did not attend would attend in the future.

Montville High School Drama Club, CT
Enjoyed it very much.
Loved seeing the kids' responses.
Couldn't believe it!
Couldn't be easier to work with you.
Note forwarded to the principal and superintendent:
"The kids were well behaved, the kids on stage were wonderful, and
Bruce James had great control. It was an outstanding fundraiser."
~ Dee Lamperelli

Simsbury High School - Prom May 09
Everyone I talked to loved the show.
The kids didn't move once the show started. Very professional.
I saw another show of this type at a graduation event
and the performer was a little too sarcastic with the kids.
Excellent Show
~ Debbie O'Brien

"Great Idea" I laughed, I cried, I fell out of my chair!"
"Awesome, I laughed much it hurt!"
You were great, more than we expected! Everyone had a great time. They are still talking about it.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
People told me they never laughed so hard. They roared.
I cant thank you enough as you really made this years event more than memorable.
-Dave Brundy
Event Planner AIC, Albuquerque, NM

A joy to be in the audience for a hilarious comedy show.
Family friendly - great for people of all ages.
We also made our fundraising goal!
Thank you.
Joanne Moore
Niantic, CT

Hilarious, entertaining, it was a pleasure working with you.
Alpha-1 convention at the Hilton in Alexandria, Virginia

Fantastic! Superb!
Truly Enjoyable Experience.
- Aquarion Water Co.
Bridgeport, CT

You and your lovely assistant were a tremendous hit ! Hope to book you again.

- Gigi

- Torrington Elks, CT

"Our members are going to be talking about this a long time. Next year we expect twice the number of people"

The perfect choice for corporate event entertainment
and always a winning fund raising idea.

A Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Is A Meeting Planners Perfect Choice
For All Private & Corporate Events

The show is powerfully funny, entertaining and inspiring.

Our show will take your audience  on a journey of
laughter and amazement ultimately bonding your group
with an experience they will be talking about for years!
Sample Hi Res Promotional Posters available to promote show
Bruce James Comedy Hypnotist with assistant former miss new england Kelly Jean performing at fundraising events, comedy clubs, corporate entertainment in the northeast or anywhere in the country 860-625-5347 booking...   Comedy Hypnotist Bruce James Stage Hypnotist show in CT, MA, NY, RI, FL For info and booking call 860-625-5347
The show combines improvisation with polished routines and music
that keep the show flowing smoothly from the beginning to the end.
He and his assistant, Kelly Jean (former Miss New England), provide
a quality Las Vegas casino entertainment style show
that is and classy experience to the audiences.  

Hypnosis is far safer than most any other activity,
providing a fascinating form of entertainment.

Comedy Hypnosis Laughter and fun at fundraising events, high school fund raising events with the Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis show.

The Hypnosis Show is very unique entertainment
and has been called one of the greatest shows on earth.
It combines the fun of total participation
with the incredible abilities of the mind.

You will laugh and applaud for your friends and family up on stage,
as you have never seen them before. Often the most quiet introvert
becomes the brightest entertainer.

During the show ordinarily conservative audience members,
and even those who aren't so conservative,
will undergo a complete transformation.
The suggestions that James puts them through
are hilarious to the audience members,
but to the volunteers up on stage, it becomes their reality.
Of course, the pandemonium is all great fun
and will have the audience laughing non-stop
from start to finish during this special performance.

The audience enjoys one of the most exciting and
amazing shows that they have ever experienced.
The volunteers are having fun, the audience is having fun.
Everyone is laughing and having a great time at the
Bruce James Comedy Hypnosis Show.
Contact information for promotional material is available by calling us at

1-800-715-1333 x 3292  or email us at Event Hypnotist

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

 Bruce James
Cell Phone Direct 860-625-5347

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bruce James - Experience the power of the mind.

Mind Master Stage Hypnotist - Bruce James - top comedy Hypnotist entertainer, can entertain at conferences, seminars, clubs, universities from coast to coast with his Hilarious Stage Hypnosis Show.

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