Clean ACT - Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bruce James   Create an unforgettable event

"Great Idea"  I laughed, I cried, I fell out of my chair!"
"Awesome,  I laughed much it hurt!"
You were great, more than we expected!  Everyone had a great time. They are still talking about the hypnosis show.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
People told me they never laughed so hard. They roared.
I cant thank you enough as you really made this years event more than memorable.
-Dave Brundy
Event Planner AIC, Alburquerque, NM

A joy to be in the audience for a hilarious comedy show. Family frendly - great for people of all ages.  We also made our fundraising goal! Thank you.
Joanne Moore
Niantic, CT

Hilarious, entertaining, it was a pleasure working with you.
Alpha-1 convention at the Hilton in Alexandria, Virginia

Fantastic!  Superb!
Truly Enjoyable Experience.
- Aquarion Water Co.
Bridgeport, CT

You and your lovely assistant were a tremendous hit !  Hope to book you again.
 - Gigi
Aquarian Water Co.

- Torrington Elks, CT

"Our members are going to be talking about this a long time. Next year we expect twice the number of people"

"You made me into a believer.  I had no idea what to expect.  Next time, I'm going to be up there on stage"

Bulduc Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial for June 26, 2010 show.)
Amazing. Unbelievable.  Funny. Best show they have ever seen. Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!

"Our guests expressed their enjoyment and amazement at your talent and I never had such great feedback from one of our parties. Everyone had a great time,including the president of the company!"

Ball Metal Container Corporation
 (Mailed in Testimonial For December 23, 2010 show.)
Hall of Springs, placeCitySaratoga Springs, StateNY
They said it was the best party we had in years and were surprised at how affected people were by hypnosis.

XL Insurance Company
Christmas Party 09 - the Hartford Club - Hartford CT

Thank you.  It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to work with you.  
Everyone enjoyed the party this year primarily because of your show.  
Your ears must have been ringing all day
From people talking about the show and how great it was.  

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the show tremendously!  
Many said it was our best party to date
and I'm sure we will get increased attendance next year because of it.

Deborah Herman - Event Planner

High School Stage Hypnotist - Hypnosis Entertainment

Sample Show Profile

Grad Party and after prom party
stage hypnotist Bruce James performs
clean safe graduation party and
prom entertainment that has
performed in school programs in over 35 states.  

This Clean Comedy High School Stage Hypnotist
is safe grad party entertainment and is
sure to be the hit of the grad party!

The program emphasis is on fun, safe hypnotic entertainment
that is sure to be the hit of the party for students and graduates.

Sure to create memories that last a lifetime!

Comments from recent event planners

Braintree HS project graduation 2019
Braintree MA
June 2 2019

Hi Bruce

The committee met last night to recap the All Night Grad party
and everyone was singing your praises.

They thought you were just great, loved the show and
loved your positive message.

We would love to have you back next year if your schedule allows.

Of course none of us know what the future brings,
but if you are available please consider returning.

It was great working with you,
I hope you have a great summer.

Thank you,
Ann Marie McGuire
Project Graduation Committee


Bruce can do the impossible

By Mark O. on August 8, 2016

Picture this. It's 4 a.m. You need to entertain a bunch of tired teenagers.
They have grown a little unruly. And you want to deliver a message of inspiration
to them while entertaining them.

Not if you hire Bruce James.
Bruce stood in front of 300 teenagers ready to go home and got them so fired up,
 its was like the party was just starting, rather then ending.
Bruce even handled the few disruptive kids
by weaving them seamlessly into his performance.

Wow. Bruce is funny, he inspires, he entertains.
That is doing the impossible in my book.

Best entertainment for kids and adults in one!!!

By Danielle S. on November 8, 2016

Everything about Bruce is unique and refreshing!
He had us all gasping and laughing for over an hour.

You will not be disappointed!!!
If you are considering hiring a hypnotist for your next event,
do not hesitate!! Bruce will bring the house down!

Post Graduation All Night Party Class of 2016

By Maryjo K. on May 31, 2016

The senior class of 2016 truly had a fantastic time with Bruce.
Their attention was kept through the entire show. They continued to talk about it for days!

Granby Jr/Sr High School Hypnosis Fundraiser - MA
(Mailed in testimonial for Fundraiser Dec 3, 2010)
Everyone I spoke with had a terrific time!  
The intro was informative and something that people hadn't seen
from other hypnotist performances. It made everything more believable and real.

I know that you will be back to Granby HS again
and I look forward to seeing your show again!

~ Deb Pratt - Event Coordinator

Bulduc Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June 26, 2010 show.)
Amazing. Unbelievable.  Funny. Best show they have ever seen.
Laughed so hard that people stated they actually peed in their pants!

Bruce and Kelly.. you both are not only a beautiful couple but a
very attentive and nurturing couple with the audience.

Keep up the great work. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts
. . .You gave us wonderful memories.

West Milford High School Grad Party
(Mailed in Testimonial For June22, 2010 show.)
The students enjoyed the show, didn't expect it to be so funny.  
Teachers also enjoyed the show.  We will want to re-book for next year.

Geoffrey Roning Group - Entertainment Agents Summer 09

Dear Bruce,  
I wanted to thank you once again for participating in our graduation season.

The client feedback on you and your show was very positive.  
Both the clients and I appreciate your professionalism, your flexibility,
and how easy it is to work with you.

It isn't easy to find a hypnotist that understands the needs of the
graduates and their parents,
and I am very happy that we have found one who does.

thanks you again!

Wendy Ronning

Montville High School Drama Club, CT

Enjoyed it very much.
Loved seeing the kids' responses.
Couldn't believe it!
Couldn't be easier to work with you.

Note forwarded to the principal and superintendent:

"The kids were well behaved, the kids on stage were wonderful, and
Bruce James had great control.  It was an outstanding fundraiser."

 ~ Dee Lamperelli

Simsbury High School - Prom May 09

Everyone I talked to loved the show.  
The kids didn't move once the show started. Very professional.  
I saw another show of this type at a graduation event
and the performer was a little too sarcastic with the kids.  
Excellent Show

 ~ Debbie O'Brien

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High School Stage Hypnotist Bruce James demonstrating hypnosis with his project graduation safe hypnotist show.
High School Grad Party Hypnosis Entertainment at it's finest creating memories that last a lifetime.
High School Grad and post prom high school students love hypnotic entertainment.

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